5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Day Care For Your Child

Fri, 28/06/2019 - 15:14

Childhood is an age that never comes twice and the experiences of childhood are to be cherished forever. Hence every parent desires to give the best of available facilities and opportunities apart from the love and warmth they can shower on their child.

Just a week ago, when the topic of discussion landed up to choosing daycare for my nephew, in the vicinity of Gurugram, I and my co-sister were at crossroads. Surprisingly one of my cousins introduced us to the comfortable concept of daycare by the name of Vallores (meaning Values in Spanish) situated in the heart of Gurugram, Suncity Township.

Incidentally, my cousin and I were on the same line of thinking when we considered choosing daycare of our child. Luckily, Vallores fulfills all these conditions and stands up to its name. Here are the 5 things that every parent should consider while choosing a daycare for their child.​​​​​​​

1. Infrastructure and Security

The building of the daycare facility should be sound and secure yet enticing from its looks, for the kids must feel at home. Vallores has a totally secure environment with CCTV camera coverage in every corner and the furnishing is done keeping in mind the needs of the little champs who will reside in it throughout the day. Considering the delicate age of the young members at daycare, the furnishings at Vallores is cushioned with soft edges to avoid any injury.


2. Personalized Attention and Caring Staff

Children usually feel a lack of attention in most of the day care facilities. But Vallores takes care of its kids by paying personalized attention to each and every member. The staff too at Vallores seemed to be highly interactive and cheerful. Verified chauffeurs and maids are employed to maintain the safety of the kids.


3. Introduction Of Themes

Monthly themes are introduced at Vallores to keep the kids engaged in interesting educational activities throughout the day each month. Homework assistance is provided by the in house teachers who aim at making the child self-reliant and independent.

4. Health and Hygiene

The basic standards of health and hygiene have to be maintained in the place which caters the future citizens of the nation. Vallores owns an in house kitchen with a chef to prepare nutritious and wholesome meals with love and utmost care.


5. Library and Play Area

Any daycare facility stands incomplete and incompetent if it does not have an impressive library and play area. Vallores boasts of a huge interactive library full of innumerable books catering to the tender age of kids. Along with this, Vallores also hosts an indoor soft play area comprising of interesting toys for the kids as well as an outdoor area with multiverse sensory activity.

Visiting Vallores was an enriching experience wherein I realized that I could not settle anything less for my child. I would even recommend Vallores to all those parents looking for a daycare in the suburban city of Gurugram.