Igniting the Self-cultivated Knowledge

Tue, 09/07/2019 - 15:46

It is said that the mind is the most powerful tool known to human beings. The cognitive capability of a human mind goes beyond the creation of technological wonders to many other important facets of life.

With the appropriate education and training, the mind develops wings that can make it soar in the unmapped territory of creativity and imagination. The seeds for a scientifically intelligent and socially sensitive mind are sowed in the childhood of a person. Children are like raw mines charged with curiosity and natural intelligence waiting to explore the world. The desire to learn and create methods to solve problems, deal with challenges and achieve happiness is at its most natural stage during childhood. At such a tender age, proper training and education for children must involve processes through which they arrive at the right solutions creatively on their own. This knowledge enables them with self- confidence, physical brilliance, coherence and perseverance. They develop skills that help them in understanding a problem, analyzing the method to solve it and arriving efficiently at the solution.

At Vallores Pre-school, the effort is to enhance and strengthen the inbuilt genius of the child’s brain. While improving their mental acumen, children also learn to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Unlike a formula based education that serves easy information in a platter in the form of calculators, tablets, and PCs, the pursuit at Vallores Pre-school is to enlarge the scope of the inventive genius of the children. Rote schooling nips the stimulating bud of the children which prevents them from developing their skills independent of a technological crutch. It fails to sufficiently challenge the minds of the children. More importantly, it takes away the fun from learning by insufficiently engaging the mind of oneself and others. In the words of eminent scientist Albert Einstein, “Creativity is knowledge having fun.” At Vallores Pre-school, the motive is to magnify the multifaceted apprehension skills of the children in a manner that is joyful and fascinating.