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Sat, 21/05/2022 - 15:02
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  • vallores Preschool in Gurgaon is a warm and friendly playschool.

At vallores Preschool, our methodology involves conceptualized literacy supported by Play- Way Methodology, Montessori Approach, and Experiential Learning or Learning by Doing.
We aim to give a safe and secure place for your little bones enabling them to have quality education thereby kindling their creative minds, and curiosities and erecting a thinking process of their own.

Our class involves conditioning including circle time, art and craft conditioning, cotillion, music, imaginative play, formative modeling, simple wisdom, free play, theater play, stories and puppet shows, speech & drama, yoga, physical development, and Montessori throughout the time maintaining flawless literacy process. Along with internal and physical education, we concentrate on imbibing traditional, artistic, moral, form, and emotional intelligence to preschoolers.
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  • Are you looking for the best Play School in Gurgaon to ensure the finest education for your child? If yes, also vallores is the place to give that environment for the toddlers to learn.

Make sure your child has access to the stylish playschool because these constructive times are going to set the tone for their future.
Believing in Creating a Terrain to Increase Literacy!

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