Summer camp is's not a camp,,,,,,it's a treat

 Summer camp

Event Schedule

Event Date: 
23-May-2022 to 17-Jun-2022

Event Time: 
09:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Event Attractions

Enrol your child in our interactive n cheerful Summer Camp n see them unfolding their wings of creativity.

Choose weeks according to your plan.

Call at 9625439196 for queries n enrollment.


  • Magic Show


Magic is a performing art that entertains the observers through putatively insolvable deeds conducted by the use of tricks, prints and skillful moves. Since time old, magic has been a source of curiosity and seductiveness among children.


  • Tattoo Art

                          A tattoo is a form of body revision made by fitting essay, colorings, and/ or colors, either unforgettable or temporary, into the dermis subcaste of the skin to form a design. The art of making tattoos is known as tattooing.

                          Tattoos comprise three broad orders purely ornamental (with no specific meaning), emblematic (with a specific meaning material to the wearer), and pictorial (a definition of a specific person or item). In addition, tattoos can be used for                              identification similar as observance tattoo on beast as a form of imprinting.


  • Rain Dance Party

All the bitsy tots were looking winsome in their swimming costumes with their various screens.

The Little gemstone stars ofPre-Primary danced to the thrilling music which invested the atmosphere with energy and fun.

They were given glares as a take away which filled them with excitement and joy. Rain Dance Party helps the children to learn to love and develop motor chops which will make them physically fit.

Rain brings happiness and smile and so did the Rain Dance Party.


  • Balloon printig Art                     

Super simple balloon oil design for toddlers and preschoolers. This Delightful summer exertion for kiddies is a great balloon makeup art design!

  • Ice Cream Day            ​​​​​​​

The stylish collection of Ice Cream Conditioning for Preschoolers

Nothing brings further joy than an ice cream treat on a hot summer autumn.
Perhaps except this bone.

A whole shelf of cute and delightful ice cream theme literacy conditioning!
My children’s faces literally lit up when they saw this ice cream theme shelf.​​​​​​​

  • Fruit Day

With an ideal to produce and educate children about the significance and consumption of fruits in regular diet, the kindergarten kiddies celebrated ‘’ FRUIT DAY ’’ The occasion was used to educate kiddies the health benefits of fruits – one of Mother Nature’s most amazing foods It was a affable sight to see our little kiddies come to academy carrying their favorite fruit. The excitement in showing their schoolteacher what they love the stylish burned a lot of enthusiasm in children to take part in this exertion.

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