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Diverse Learning Environments


Age-Group - 1.5 Year To 2.5 Year

This program is filled with carefully designed activities that nurture and build value based thinking along with motor abilities, language, socio-emotional skills and cognitive skills in growing toddlers.

Pre-Nursery Program

Age-Group - 2.5 Year To 3.5 Year

As a continuation from early learning experiences from the Toddler program, children of this age group are able to work with complex exercises. The activities are designed to offer these children a stimulating and nourishing environment to develop their mental skills, sense of order, independence, concentration, responsibility of self and the environment.

Nursery Program

Age-Group - 3.5 Year To 4.5 Year

At this stage, the children are ready to take on yet more complex exercises in a disciplined way. The activities are designed to further develop mathematics, language and writing skills in a fun and creative manner. Apart from skills and knowledge, children in this program will cultivate sound morals, strength of character, healthy habits, team spirit and an aesthetic appreciation for the world around them.


Day Care Program

Age-Group - 1.0 Year To 10.0 Year

Our Day Care program includes customized and personalized plans for working couples, nuclear families or joint families. Some of the highlights of this program are :

  • Availability of hourly packages.

  • Story sessions in our interactive Hanging Library.

  • Language enrichment programs.

  • Soft play area.

  • Sensory activities.

  • Providing assistance in school home work.

  • Logic enhancing worksheets.

  • Adequate, comfortable and quiet resting place.

  • Healthy meals.

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